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My Visual Design Resource.

“Koi means desire. Koi means follow your dreams. Koi is perseverance. Koi is love. Koi is determination. Koi is fear for regrets. Behind any idea, any project, any work, any creative, there are at least 3 “koi”.”

I’ve discovered an online magazine that I believe is a fantastic resource for any visual designer. KoiKoiKoi holds an abundance of different visual designs from all over the world which is inspiring to any designer.
Not only does the site have an endless amount of inspirational images it also has external links to other visual design blogs, magazines and designers. The website is clearly established to help you find specific information and designers, for example photographers or interviews. Additionally, this site is updated regularly which is really useful and also they have a page dedicated to resources such as inspirations and tutorials which include links such as free downloadable fonts to aid typography. I believe this is a fantastic and inspiriational magazine that can benefit a wide range of students with it’s resources and variety of work.

As I have found KoiKoiKoi so helpfull below I have included a few of my favourite images from the site and also some useful links that I think are extremely beneficial and/or interesting.

An Anti smoking campaign

Inspirational business cards.

Free fonts too improve your typography.

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