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Colour in Logos

When you think of certain brands you think of certain colours and visa versa. For example, Purple = Cadburys, Red = Coca Cola and so on and so forth. I tried to explore through three logos how those brands and companies have used colours to their advantage to add to their corporate identity.

Firstly, What do certain colours make you think of? Red = power, love? Green = Eco friendly? This website usefully summarises what people commonly associate certain colours with!

1) Rolling stones

This iconic logo uses three simple yet powerful colours to contrast against each other and personify their  band – The Rolling Stones. The most dramatic and dominant colour in logo is the bright red which to me connotes power and passion. The passion being both literal – tied in with the image of my mouth and tounge and also more metaphorical – signifying their passion for music and rock music. I used to associate rock music with black and dark colours, but by crating auch a impacting logo using colour I now also associate red with rock music and also the rolling stones.


2) Breast Cancer awareness

Pink commonly connotes femininity and Breast Cancer Awareness have utilised this association into their brand using several shades of pink. Also, because of this brand I have started to associate the bolder pink with strength and power – something the brand represents amongst women. Everything the brand does, or represents ties in with the logo and the pink colour which makes you automatically associate pink with breast cancer awareness! In a previous blog I talked about generating a business card for breast cancer awareness and this really ties in with this blog.


3) Starbucks

Green to me represents economy, eco-friendly, organic and calm and Starbucks has tried to replicate this feel in their logo. Perhaps misleadingly, you begin to associate Starbucks with organic products that are good for the environment and also it being a very economically aware company. By putting the green against black and white, similarly to the rolling stones logo to colour stands out dramatically. Also as green represents calm you also associate Starbucks as being a place to relax and unwind with your organic coffee  – very clever!

  1. November 4, 2010 at 1:16 am

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was interesting. Cheers!

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