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Another Grid resource

After talking to some of the people in my class last lesson, I learnt about an extremely useful book in regards to grid work. The book – Making and breaking the grid by Timothy Samara talks through the basics of grid work, other work on grids and also how to make and break the grid successfully.

Even the cover and the pages themselves are designed in such a way to show you how effective and successful making and breaking the grid can be. The writing is fluid and understandable, and the page layouts just emphasise the points the text is making visually.  Below I have included three print screens of the sections I found particularly useful.


In one of the first chapters of the book, Samara talks about Hierarchical grids. Before reading this book I had no idea what one of these grids was and I really think that this an effective grid that when either used or broken would look great as a layout. When I’m making or breaking my grids I really want to incorporate this grid piece and experiment with it.


This page in the book talked about how simply positioning a band in a different section of the grid with a different colour can change the context and/or perspective of the background shot dramatically. I liked this grid approach as it was relatively simply yet dramatic and effective.


This page refers to breaking the grid, I find the way they break the grid very simplistic but effective and the grids at the side really help you see how they did it. I think this is an effective way of making a cover stand out a little bit more with breaking the grid.


I found this book extremely useful as it visually guides you in ways of breaking the grid, and because I learn visually this was perfect for me. If you don’t understand grids very well this book will definitely help you understand them.  It also has a list of other sources which have further information about making and breaking the grid effectively, so the amount of information available to visual designers is expansive.

Final comment:

Below is a print screen once again of the book but it shows what the book is about and the content.


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