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Design Brief 2


In this final weeks directed study, we had to generate two pieces of visual design that correspond to a specific design brief. This design brief we had to generate a flyer for a punk band to be handed out to promote their upcoming gig. When approaching this I decided I should first brainstorm my initial ideas of a punk band and what they are then do some research into current flyers and punk posters to see if there is a gap in design to be approached and also what is expected of a punk band flyer.

Initial planning: Brainstorm

In this brainstorm I really wanted to note down my immediate reactions to the notion of a punk band – for example political/social statement, rebellious and non-conformist but also start to the think about colour palettes, imaging and typography. My initial ideas centres around a black background with bright colours that contrast each other. I also want to try manipulate these colours and an image to capture a high energy feel and also a non mainstream aesthetic. Also in keeping with the idea of visual design and also rebellion I have decided to name my band ‘Breaking Grids’ as it has strong letters that would look good in my design but also provides some kind of a commentary on visual design and what I’ve learnt.

Background research

This is an image I found on Google images (the image provides a link to the exact location). I  thought this would be a good stand point for research into punk flyers. I thought to get valuable  information  from my research it would be useful to make bullet points of what I like about the  image and what I don’t like, that way I can make sure to avoid using the elements I don’t like in  my design and also try to get inspiration from the elements I don’t like.

Elements I like:

– The use of contrasting colours (pink and green) alongside colours such as black and white

– The use of typography – the designer has used three to four fonts but kept it cohesive

– Where the have included photographs they are black and white which contrasts to the bright  pink background.

– The use of iconic punk things such as safety pins (punk fashion)

Elements I don’t like:

– How everything is almost in boxes and very organised – goes against punk ethic.

– The photographs although contrasting are quite boring

– Overcrowded – Although most of the information is important I want to make mine more          simplistic

Overall I think this quite an effective poster, however the date signifies that this is outdated and  I think that punk has developed since then so the aesthetic of mine will have a more modern  flare. Also the the typography is good I think I want to make mine more powerful and strong  with an outline as in some ways the green blends dully with the background.


Punk flyer example two. This is a more modern interpretation of a punk band flyer. Once again bold colours such as pink and green have been used as a contrast to simple black and whites. However, this flyer instead of incorporating photography, includes hand drawn graphics that visually represent the change in the punk movement and also in visual design. Once again I think it is important to include pro’s and con’s from my design perspective.

Things I like:

  • Once Again I like the use of contrasting colours against the black and white. I also like how the green especially has been transferred into blocks of colour to make the black stand out. Also the pink has been used as a shadow effect to add depth to the flyer.
  • The graphic is really cool and visually presents punk with typical associations e.g. skulls. The graphic makes the piece unique and also eye catching
  • The continuity in the typography links with the stroke used of the graphic and is distorted to make the overall aesthetic interesting.

Things I don’t like:

  • Some of the text used is quite small and hard to read. If the information is that important to include then it would equally as important to be able to read it.
  • The overall look is quite dull – this make just be down to scanning but if it isn’t I feel that the colours should be brighter and more contrasted.

Overall I think this is an effective poster for a punk band. I would like to use some of the elements from both examples within my design, however I do want to make in unique, and to do so I think I will stray away from the pink and green contrast and instead focus on pink and yellow so my design stands out from the others. Also I like both images on each design so I think that manipulating a photograph with elements of graphics would lead to a successful result. Also with typography I want something that encapsulates punk but with a more modern twist. Similarly to the first design I want to use a combination of different fonts within my design but also I want them to visible and not over crowded.

Design selections: Images, fonts and colours.

As is clear with the first two research pieces, the selection of the images, colours and fonts I use is essential in creating a good flyer. I decided to do some experimentation before starting my design so I had a clear idea in my head of where I was going.


I wanted to do a palette of different shades of pink and yellow on their own and then on a black background to see what shades are effective in creating a vibrant, energetic and punk-esque flyer.

In paint, I simply adjusting a few different shades of pink and yellow to formulate a palette and then put them onto a black ground to see which looked better. This was good on many levels. It allowed to experiment with adjusting colours and also let me think about how colour is effective in my design. Eventually I settled with two distinctive and vibrant shades of yellow and pink which I think contrast well against my planned black background and also encapsulate modern punk – vibrant and contrasting.

To test my colour choices further I coupled these shades with the name of band, against each other upon a black background. Although I don’t intend to use this font I thought it would be a good starting point to see if the colour palette would work well with each other and not be too heavily contrasting.

I am happy with the combination of colours and I think I will definitely use these shades in my design both with my typography and with my graphics.


Personally, I’m not happy with the selection of fonts that are available basically on my computer, so I thought that to achieve the best results I would have to download some fonts. I already knew of Dafont.com – a website where you can download free fonts for use in design. To explore this website I decided that a sans serif font would be effective and also I decided to see if searching ‘Punk’ in the search box would generate any interesting types, and I wasn’t dissapointed. Through this I decided to collect a few of the font together to make a decision on what fonts would be good in my design.

I decided on looking at these five fonts which are:

  • Punk by Gaut Fonts
  • Punk kid by Christopher Hansen
  • Skratch Punk by Spunky McPunk
  • Punk’s not dead by punksnotdead
  • Shonen Punk! By Teabeer Studios

Personally I though that Shonen Punk! and Punk Kid contrasted each other well and would also represent modern punk quite well. Also I would try incorporate colour into these in different and new ways within InDesign once downloaded.


Because I’m not very good at drawing I decided that using a pre-existing graphic within my design would make the design look more professional and of a better quality. To go about this process I went on the internet and searched for ‘Punk graphics’ for this I mainly used websites such as Photobucket because they are usually free, royalty free and without copyright so I don’t have any copyright infringement. Below is a compilation of all my favourite images I found when searching together with links to the source I got them from.

My personal favourite was the first image. I decided that the girl could represent the lead singer of the band. Also the pink smoke acted as inspiration for the final result. I needed to crop this image quite a lot to be happy with it but I think it represents the modern punk but also gives it a sexier edge, which is becoming more increasingly popular.

My Final design:

This is my final design within InDesign. I incorporated all my ideas, inspirations and found fonts, colours and typography to obtain the overall result. I shall now do an in depth critical analysis of this with my personal opinion at the end. But first I have to decide what printing decisions to make in terms of paper and overall finish

Paper and finishing:


I decided that the page size should be A5. This is because it is a convienient size for most people as it could fit in many bags and peoples pockets, whilst an A3 would be too small and an A4 too big. Additionally, I wanted the paper weight to be 130 GSM – I thought this weight because it is thicker than the typical copier paper but not too thick that it is awkward to fold and store etc. Also, by lowering the weight the band would save on costs and be able to product more leaflets so they can spread the word of their brand around. For the overall finish I decided that a silk finish would be appropriate because it’s good for lighter weighted paper and also gives a ‘rough and ready’ feel which represents punk. It represents punk because punk is all about being unfinished, basic and representative and this paper and finish gives that impression. Alongside that I also wanted to have the band name done with Spot UV so it’s laminated, durable and stands out and also reflects well in lights as gigs are usually at night (street lamps) and it would reflect all the colours from a gig inside.

Also, because I used downloadable fonts I would have to make sure I saved them as an image file so they wouldn’t be printed wrong and so my image is maintained.



I tried to use grids, mainly the rule of thirds within the design. However I set out with the purpose of breaking the grids and I think I did that by my placement and use of rotation. Looking more into the rule of thirds you have your main focal points which I still decided to following. In the bottom right I wanted the main focal point to be the image of the girl surrounded by my own designed graphics (created by cutting and cropping and then filling those elements with my colour selections). Opposite that in the bottom corner I decided to put the concise information  because it fits within the area of focus so attention is drawn to it but it doesn’t over crowd the leaflet. Finally, the band’s name dominates the top of the leaflet so it gives a lasting impression and the name is remembered.


Overall I think that the colour palette is striking and representative of punk. In my initial brainstorm I though that punk colours were vibrant and stood out that’s what I think this colour palette does. Additionally, the dominate pink may attract more of a female audience and ties in with the fact that the lead singer is a female. I was also happy with how I used different shades of pink and different weights within the main bodies of text to add depth and interest to the piece.


I’m happy with how I cropped the original image I used so it blends in. Additionally I’m really happy with what I did to generate extra graphics. By randomly cutting, colours and layering I created a sharp and energetic design which represents the essence of punk and makes the flyer stand out heavily against others. Additionally I think that the combination of the photograph and blocks of colour is effective and adds depth to the flyer.


I really like the fonts that I found on Dafont, especially within the title and the slogan. However, I’m not too happy with the bottom left corner, I think it works in the grand scheme of the flyer but I now think that maybe a different font again would maybe add more contrast and interest to the overall aesthetic.


I think what I included in my content is just enough to not over crowd the flyer but advertise the band and their upcoming gig. The flyer supplies all the relevant information that a consumer would need in a memorable way.

Overall I am really happy with what I produced. I played to my strengths by using certain tools on InDesign and pre-found images. Because I made these decisions I was able to make a dynamic design that follows the brief that was set but also encapsulates punk and attracts an audience that are youthful and into punk music.

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