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Overall evaluation

Through the eight weeks of this assignment I think I have learnt a great deal about the design world, got my head around design jargon and programmes and also developed my perspective as a visual designer. I’ve really developed since week one – just talking about what I like and putting every detail down onto paper to finding my signature style, experimenting and being restraint with what I include in my final product.

Personally, I still think I could learn more about programs like InDesign and about how to make full advantage of things like grids and effects to improve my design skills even further.

Not only can these skills be valuable from a idea generation perspective I can now look at an advertisement, poster, sign or anything with visual designer and analyse comfortably how the designer has used colour, type, layout and imaging and then evaluate it from my point of view.

I’m also generally happy with how my blog has turned out; I’ve tried to make the blog as full of visual design as possible and tried to include a

  • Breadth of research
  • Analysis of research
  • Putting my understanding into practice.

Although I think I’ve developed and could learn more I’m really happy with my progress and think I could replicate what I’ve learnt to future projects and too my future career plan of working on a magazine with layouts, images and type and also promoting myself through visual design.

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