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Week 3

Shape and form.

This week we looked at

  • visual metaphors
  • compelling designs
  • how to use shape and form in InDesign

In groups we worked together to create a piece of visual design using these methods that reflected one of the following words;

backward, forward, motion, sketch, shrink, conversation, ideas, expand, tilt, mixed, perspective or repeat

Me and my partner decided to do repeat and this is what we came up with:

From doing this we learnt how to do effects in InDesign and also how simple manipulation of shape and form can change meaning.

I decided to look at interesting and simple uses of shape and form when I got home and these are some of the examples I found:

Directed study:

  • create a logo for Bright Ideas Design and put this into your business card
  • Find at least three interesting logo case studies with analysis
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