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Week 8

Creativity with paper

4 standard paper types –

  • A series: Common
  • B series: Ratio of Factors of 2 – loose e.g. tabloid
  • C series – Envelopes etc
  • SR series – Allows for bleedlines and cuts.

Printing process

  • Plate
  • Print
  • Finishing: special finishes, trim etc

Press sheets:

E.g. 10,000 A4 leaflets – 5000 A3 sheets, 2 up or SR series SRA4

Bleed: clean edge on document – always assume 3mm (1.5 for each edge) so for example an A4 piece of paper goes from 210 mm by 297 to 213 mm by 300.

Issues with non standard sizes

Cost problems, waste, set up (need to be confident with design), practicality for example mailing.

Paper stock

Weights (GSM)

80 for copier paper, 150 for leaflets, 400 for business cards.

Finishes include –

  • gloss: impact
  • silk: urgency, home made, light copier stocks
  • matt: prestige and heavier papers
  • uncoated: eco-friendly, recycled.

Tints include – pure white, off white and so on


  • Binding
  • Lamination: long lasting and important
  • Folding
  • Creasing
  • Embossing: shape stamped into thick paper
  • Foil
  • Spot UV – selected parts laminated
  • Die Cut – beyond rectangles a.k.a other shapes.

Directed study

  • Design brief 2 – plan, design, evaluate
  • Design brief 4 – plan, design, evaluate
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